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Hyaluronic acid is a molecule present in great quantity in the body, being responsible for the filling of tissues and strengthening of the skin extracellular matrix. Because it has great affinity with water, it has the capacity to adsorb up to 100x of its own weight in water, as well as to retain it, which contributes directly to the equilibrium of the tissue moisture.
With advancing age, the natural hydration of the cells begins to decrease about 1% per year, and from the sixth decade of life, can reduce by an average of 40%. During this period, factors such as dryness, aging, low degree of skin protection and irregular elimination of toxins begin to arise, showing the fluid imbalance present in the connective tissue.
To avoid aging and dehydration, hyaluronic acid appears as an effective and highly technological alternative. Due to its ability to stabilize the natural skin moisture, it strengthens the skin barrier, protecting the region against action of external aggressive agents responsible for catalyzing premature aging. Its ability to protect the tissue still promotes vigor, revitalization, firmness and elasticity, attenuating wrinkles and expression lines, as well as contributing to elimination of toxins present in the skin.

To provide all the hydration that the skin needs, Hialuderme line has extended its benefits to 4 products specially developed for professional use and daily care at home. Developed with carefully selected ingredients, Hialuderme’s professional products rely on Hialuderme Fluid and Hialuderme Air Mask. This products act directly on hydration and skin anti-aging, so as to promote improvement in tissue moisture conditions and contribute to the formation of a protective film on the skin, protecting it against daily pollution and external aggressive agents.
Meanwhile, Hialuderme Home Care presents differentiated formulation capable of meeting the need of all skin types, contributing directly to the prevention of aging in skins from the age of 20 years. For skins from 40 years, presents a formula enriched with ingredients capable of promoting antiage action with lifting effect combined with excellent hydration.

Developed with Biotechnology Hyaluronic Acid, it provides high hydration due to its potential to fix water to the skin, preventing skin aging. In addition, it promotes improvement in the conditions of natural tissue moisture. Of highly differentiated formulation, it also contributes to the formation of a protective film on the region, in order to fight the action of external aggressive agents. Suitable for all skin types.

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Hialuderme Air Mask is a moisturizing and antiage facial mask for professional use, which promotes immediate hydration due to the presence of Hyaluronic Acid and Vegetal Biopolymer that has the ability to form a flexible film and retain water inside the epidermis. In addition, the mask brings the Bubble Effervescent Technology, effervescent action triggered by the product’s contact with the air forming an aerated mask with microbubbles on the face. With visible results since the first application, Hialuderme Air Mask helps to improve the signs of aging, improving tonicity.

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