Nano Eye Pro Solution

The eye area is more sensitive and needs special care with specific products and combinations of active ingredients that act smoothly and at the same time effectively. With cosmeceutical technology Bel Col developed a kit for treatment of the eye area, with lifting and peeling effect, taking care of wrinkles, expression lines, bags and dark circles.

Technological actives of last generation 

Polyhydroxy acids

Is an acid that has effects comparable to traditional AHA’s (glycolic acid, lactic acid, etc.), with the advantage of not causing irritation and providing moisturizing and antioxidant action to the skin. It is found naturally in our skin as a nutrient that participates in the metabolic pathway of sugar at cellular level. Due to its higher molecular weight this acid permeates the skin slowly and gradually, without causing undesirable reactions. With moisturizing and antioxidant properties, it helps in the prevention of photoaging, improving firmness and reducing fine lines.


Chemical exfoliants obtained by combining traditional lactic and salicylic acids. They are differentiated molecules that present in their structure a lipophilic portion (with affinity for lipids and consequently skin affinity), that makes them exfoliating agents softer and non-irritating to the skin,
Providing a safe and gradual chemical peeling over time of action on the skin. Among its properties it acts as a mild keratolytic, in addition to being moisturizing, softening and anti-aging. Ideal for treating more delicate areas and more sensitive skins.

Ferulic acid Nanoparticulate

Ferulic acid is found in leaves and seeds, but especially in cereals such as brown rice, wheat and oats.
Besides acting as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it also acts in the conservation of tissues. Ferulic acid prevents the damage of cell membranes caused by free radicals, also acting as anti-aging.
In the nanoparticulate form, the ferulic acid has its intensified cutaneous permeation and inhibits the oxidation that leads to melanogenesis, being determinant in the whitening of the skin and the uniformity of its tone.

Peelings are able to tune the stratum corneum and intensify permeation of the active’s treatment. In addition, they stimulate skin regeneration, improve skin quality and soften the signs of aging. However, the ocular region, which is responsible for presenting the first signs of age, is characterized as a region prone to irritation, and therefore contraindicated in procedures with acids.

With that in focus, Bel Col developed a specific peeling for this area, which combines the properties of chemical peels into a safe and effective product to be used in the eyes region, the Nano Peeling Bel Col.


Chemical exfoliation
Totally safe
Potentiates permeation of new nutrients


15 ml or 30 applications


Lactic Lipohydroxyacids
and Salicylic,
Polyhydroxy acid

Tip: For healthier and more protected skin, indicate the daily use of sunscreen in the treated area.



Nano Lifting is a concentrated fluid that acts in an integral way in the care of the eye area. Of differentiated composition, it improves the appearance of dark circles and signs of aging, promotes deep hydration and lifting effect, revitalizing the most expressive and delicate region of the face.

With ferulic acid nanoparticulate, a powerful antioxidant, acts as antiage and whitening agent. The product, which also has the actives Raffermine, Hibiscus, Hydroxyprolysilane and Biopolymer, promotes a complete cosmetic treatment for eye area.


Deep hydration
Lifting effect


15 ml or 30 applications


Ferulic Acid Nanoparticulate,
Hibiscus, Raffermine,

Tip: For better results, please indicate the Nano Eye Solution Home Care Kit, developed with actives that complement and enhance cabin treatment.