Peelings and Acids Line

The cosmetic peelings

Acids can be used during individual treatments or associated with others actives ingredients to enhance its results. They are capable of inducing cells renewal, responsible for promoving skin textures and vigor improviment. The cell renewal potencial will depend of a number of factors, such as the kind of acid, concentration, vehicle and, mainly, molecule size. It’s important to emphasize that some low molecular weight acids permeate faster on the skin. Because of that, it’s necessary to take double care when applied on IV, V and VI phototypes.

Bel Col Acids

All the products are within the regulations of the pH level concentration, as allowed by Health Care regulations for the professional safety use.


A physical exfoliant for the most resistant skin areas. It promotes intense exfoliation, removes dead cells and prepares the skin o receive others facial and body aesthetics procedures.

Benefits:                                                                          Actives:

Removes dead cells;                                                  White Quartz Spheres
Promotes intense exfoliation;                                     Jojoba Beads
Prepares the skin for procedures;
Easy application and removal;

Specific tonic for acids pre treatments. Controls the pH level in an ideal way and removes any oil residue, increasing the acid permeation.

Benefits:                                                                          Actives:

Controls the skin pH;                                                    Sage 
Removes skin oilness;                                                  Witch Hazel

Because of its fast acid’s blend permeation, it promotes an intense chemical exfoliation. Ideal to associate with pre-procedures hydration and facial nutrition.

Benefits:                                                                          Actives:

Chemical Peeling;                                                        Glicolic Acid
Breaks the resistance of skin’s first layer;                     Malic Acid
Enhace hydration protocols;                                        Tartaric Acid


Advanced Peelings

Belmend is a chemical multifunctional peeling, recommended in many treatments like rejuvenation, skin darkening and skin imperfections.
Multipurpose on aesthetics protocols.

Benefits:                                                                          Actives:

Chemical peeling safe for all phototypes;             Mandelic Acid 
Median superficial exfoliation;                     
Aids in whitening, acne and
rejuvenation protocols;

It’s a chemical exfoliant specific for aged skins, removes dead cells and regenerates the skin tissue, promoting a younger skin. Its action can be maximized with the combined use of Belmend.

Benefits:                                                                          Actives:

Removes dead cells;                                                Pumpkin Enzyme
Regenerates skin tissue;                                            Gluconolactone
Recommended for protocols of                               Latic Acid
anti-aging, rejuvenation and thin skin;

Benefits:                                                                          Actives:

Ideal peeling for skins with imperfections;                  Glicolic Acid
Cell renewal;                                                                   Phytoaminoacids
Recommended for stretch marks, acne
scars, flaccidity and thick skin treatments.