Serum or Cream: Which is best for my skin?

In the beauty industry, there is an ongoing discussion about which product type is better for the skin, serums or creams. In actuality, depending on your skins needs, both may be beneficial to your skin. In this article, we discuss the differences between serums and creams and when you should include them in your daily routine.

What is a serum?

A serum is a lightweight, fast absorbing, highly concentrated liquid or gel used to provide targeted results for skin care concerns. It is formulated to penetrate the skin faster so that you experience results in the shortest period of time. Prior to adding a serum to your skin care routine, it is important to have the end result in mind. Serums are often used to assist in balancing skin tone, slow down the signs of aging or aid in skin cell repair. Serums can be layered into your routine and applied to your skin prior to using a moisturizer or cream.

What is a cream?

Better known as a moisturizer, a cream resembles the consistency of a lotion and is used to hydrate the skin, provide moisture and protect the skin against UV rays. Moisturizers or creams can be used as part of your morning and evening routine. Although creams are widely known for its hydrating properties, some creams are also used to target certain parts of the skin such as the area around the eyes. 

How do I know when to use a serum or cream?

Cream and Serum form

If you are looking for a product for everyday use to help with skin maintenance, we suggest the use of a daily moisturizing cream that works best for your skin type. Below are our product suggestions to get you started. 

For dryer skin and those living in more dry conditions, we recommend the AminoDerme Day and Night creams. This nourishing cream helps to prevent aging and loss of elasticity.

For those with combination skin who are looking to look more revitalized, we recommend the Renove C- Vitamin C Cream. This lightweight cream helps the skin to look younger and brighter while reducing the look of fine lines, acne scars and brown spots. This cream is ideal during the wintertime due to its restorative properties.

If you are looking for a moisturizing cream for daily use that replenishes the nutrients lost due to pollution, stress and other factors, we recommend the Arquitetus Plus- Mature Skin Cream.

A cream or moisturizer should be included in your routine daily as it replenishes the moisture your skin loses during the cleansing and toning process. As mentioned earlier, creams also aid in protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. Depending on your skin type, oily, dry or combination, the moisture level of your skin cream will vary.

If you are looking to quickly reduce the signs of aging, replenish the skins elasticity or reduce dark spots or scars, we suggest the use of a serum. When paired with the proper daily moisturizer, most serums are appropriate for use all year round and on all skin types. To prevent damage to the skin, it is suggested that serums are only applied to the skin once daily.

Excellent for the summer months and humid climates, we recommend Renove C- Vitamin C Serum. This serum helps with evening skin tone and works best with nighttime application.

Research has shown that replenishing collagen lost in the skin is key to reversing the signs of again. The Bel Col Collagen 1, 2, 3, and 4 and Hyaluronic Acid serums, an age progressing line, restores the skin’s youthfulness making it appear more hydrated, soft and firm. 

Whether you are team cream or serum, it is essential to develop a proper skin care routine. Bel Col Cosmetics, through its technologically advances skin care products, can help you find the right product to nourish, rejuvenate and give you skin that feels noticeably softer, firmer, and more radiant. Visit our website ( for our complete line of products.

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