The Secret of Bel Col's Collagen Drops

Collagen provides benefits such as firmness and revitalization to the skin, so as to attenuate dreaded signs of age.

Considered an ingredient of fundamental importance, collagen is the main fibrous element in the skin. It is also one of the most abundant proteins in the body, and it is essential for maintaining the health and well-being of the skin, providing firmness, elasticity and structural function, since it contributes to the formation of fibers that support the skin, nails, bones and even cartilage.

Usually produced by the body from birth, it accounts for about 30% of all protein in the human body. However, from the age of 25, the production of this protein in the body decreases. As a result, the first signs of reduction of its synthesis in the organism begin to appear: the skin becomes more flaccid, devitalized and the cartilages and joints begin to wear out.

This reduction in synthesis demonstrates a progressive process of degradation. At the beginning of the third decade of life, the loss can reach 1% per year, while after 50 years of age it can achive around 65% of loss. Therefore, using collagen based products is extremely important for its replacement.

Collagen works as a kind of foundation for the structure of the organism. It lubricates the joints, promotes elasticity, provides the firmness necessary for the tendons to have strength for movement and prevents skin sagging. The deficiency of this protein can still culminate in premature aging and bone problems.

Although signs of aging can also be catalyzed by internal and extrinsic factors, deficiency of hormones and proteins are some of the major factors in demonstrating early signs of aging. Being a protein os such importance with collagen, the story is no different. Therefore, due to the decrease in the production of this ingredient, the skin gradually loses its hydration, as well as its density, firmness and elasticity, culminating in skin aging.

The secret of beauty and youth

To escape from the signs of age, the cosmetic industry began investing heavily in the production of products that uses collagen as the main active. Thanks to its benefits, which include the stimulus to cell renewal, collagen is still able to hold the cells together, strengthening skin tissues, in order to increase its resistance, hydrate and promote tissue regeneration, as well as prevention of wrinkles

 By promoting firmness, elasticity and sustentation, the active still works in the prevention and attenuation of stretch marks, improvement in the general appearance of cellulite and tissue invigoration. Its ability to strengthen muscle can also contribute to exercise results in the gym and to the process of weight loss.


Bel Col's collagen is processed with reduced molecular weight and reproduces the same characteristics of the substance present in the deeper layers of the skin, ensuring a more uniform and hydrated skin texture. This highly technological form is considered one of the best alternatives of cosmetic replacement, since it contributes directly to the rejuvenation and restoration of the tissue.

Collagen Replenishment

The industry has invested heavily in cosmetics aimed at ingredient supplementation. To meet the deficiency of collagen production, it is ideal to seek products that contain it as the main active in its composition. Therefore, it is important to seek safe and committed companies with scientific research.

In addition, maintaining a diet with foods rich in Vitamin C and E contributes to the synthesis and replenishment through stimulating the production of collagen. Therefore, when the diet presents a great variety of proteins, it can even protect the collagen from the process of degradation in the organism due to the wealth in highly protein ingredients.

Translated from Bel Col Magazine Brazil.

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