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Bel Col 1 Collagen Serum

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Anti-aging for normal and dry skin from 20 years.

Bel Col 1 is a collagen serum with selected and combined ingredients for daily skin care, offering moisturizing and preventive activities against the signs of chronological aging and caused by the current lifestyle, including Digital photoprotection, the protection your skin needs against premature aging caused by the Blue Light of the New Digital Age. With a light and soft touch, it is perfectly suited for normal and dry skin from 20 years.

Directions of use: On clean skin, apply the product in the palm of your hand and spread it with your fingertips, allowing it to absorb naturally. We recommend using it twice a day. Morning and night. Tip: Use sunscreen daily.

Active Ingredients: Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Blue Light Filter, Portulaca Extract and Alpha Bisabolol


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