At Bel Col Cosmetics we are specialized in the development, production and marketing of technological and effective products for face and body skin care.
Stablished in 1993 with the launch of four different collagen fluids, an integral part of our own name, Bel, beleza that means beauty and Col, collagen. From then on, we consolidated ourselves as a pioneer company in the technology for the production of collagen fluids in high concentrations.
For booth use by skin care professionals and personal care products, we offer a complete line for cleansing, toning, sun protection, anti-acne, acids, masks and biotechnology creams and fluids that are anti-aging, firming, regenerates and provide more radiance, uniformity and improvement in overall skin health.
Our products are in compliance for Latin America, European Community and North America.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to transform "A DREAM OF SKIN INTO REALITY" by offering beauty alchemies highly technological, effective and safe.

Our Values:
Integrity, Authenticity, Transparency, Commitment and Respect for the Individual