Renove C - Mask of Vitamin C - 50g


It is a mask exclusively elaborated with Vitamin C and biostable ingredients that present functional properties that contribute to the maintenance of the cutaneous barrier integrity. Its function is to revert the effects caused by external aggressors or time, giving back to the skin vitality and luminosity, that was lost over the years.


Vitamin C (Ascorbil Metilsilanol Pectinato): this Ascorbic acid is vectorized by silicium optimizing bioavailibility and stability of the Vitamin C. It optimizes cell’s membrane resitance against anti-free radicals attacks and scavenging activity on free radicals. It has restructuration, hydration and firming activity and gives skin tone radiance.

Biosaccharide Gum-1: its an anti-aging active because it increases cell longevity, helping the cells to protect and repair themselves, to carry out metabolic functions (protein, lipid synthesis, etc.) and execute their communication role. The stimulation of sirtuin-1 molecules also activates
epidermal differentiation and thus cell renewal, a function which slows down with age but which nonetheless remains essential for a "young appearance" of the skin. The activation of epidermal differentiation also leads to the regeneration of the barrier function, which is essential to protect the skin from attacks as well as limiting water loss.

Silanetriol Trealose Ether (Aquaporine): makes the skin maintain its natural hydration, as well as restore the barrier function of the skin and enhance the ability to adapt to external conditions which result in more vitality, comfort and skin elasticity.

Directions of use

Spread two pumps over the skin until they cover the entire area with a thin layer of the product. Wait for 20 minutes and remove a film with the aid of a dampened cotton, even if the product has already dried on the skin. Use once or twice a week.

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